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    kuler user name - How to change?

      I'm sorry if this question comes across as impertinent. Given the great tools that the kuler team has given us, why would someone agonize over a user name?

      Well, I do have a desire to change my kuler username and I can't seem to figure out how (my reasons are for pure vanity sake). I've updated my Adobe ID account, I've searched for a profile tab kuler and still haven't found a way to do it.

      Does anyone know how, or if, this can be done?

      Sincerely yours,

      Un-kule No Direction (is) Obvious
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          I'll second this request. For some reason the kuler site is taking the first part of my email address as my username instead of my name from my Adobe ID. My email address starts with macromedia, so, apparently, I am macromedia on kuler :)

          Not sure if that's how it behaves for everyone, but if so I'm sure this will mean duplicates at some point.

          Also, the kuler icon that displays next to the username seems to be the first theme you save. It would be much better if we could choose this.

          There is also no way of duplicating a theme, which would be great when you want to have similar colours to do comparisons, etc.
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            Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
            Unfortunately the ability to change your username and avatar are not yet available (though we are aware that they are oft-requested).

            As for duplicating themes, when you are viewing a theme you like (yours or others), select Edit (icon with rainbow-colored monitor) and you will have a copy to work from.