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    Current Computer for PPro CS5 + PPro on osx or W7

    deadboy Level 1

      I have to upgrade computer and want the best bang for the buck





      I can spend up to 8K



      I like having a macpro for the dual boot but I have BIG projects with massive demand and have to got - what will do the job best. So a PC is an option if if can out perform in my $ range.



      2. PPro on osx or W7


      simalarly, I suppose that coice would be partly guided by whihc os Premeree CS5 runs better on.




      any help would be greatful

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Three remarks:


          1. MAC's are very expensive in comparison to PC's.


          2. MAC's are much more limited in expansion capabilities.


          3. MAC's are lousy at multi-threading.


          That's all.

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            Dailey Pike Level 1

            If you want solid advice from a specialist... a person that builds computers for a living... then I suggest the company and person I recently bought my computer from.


            Scott Chichelli of ADK Video Editing. Search these forums for his name and you'll see he's also a contributor of valuable advice.


            I had purchased two computers from Dell and when I decided to upgrade to Windows 7 64 Pro.


            I researched many of the independent computer builders on Google. That's where I found ADK.


            After contacting them Scott guided me through the selection process imparting a great deal of knowledge about systems in general in the process.


            Here's what "we" built.


            i7 980X CPU

            GTX 285 1024 MB GPU

            24 GB RAM

            1 TB WD hard drive for OS

            2 TB WD RAID 0 for source

            2 TB WD RAID 0 for render

            ASUS 25.5 16 X 10 monitor

            LG BluRay disc rewriter

            Windows 7 Pro

            Adobe Production Premium CS5 installed and tested

            2 year warranty & Lifetime support


            This system falls well withing your budget so you can get more RAM or other "goodies."


            Haven't had a single problem in the two months or so I've had it. Plugged it in and started to work. I edit both HDV tape & Canon 5D Mark II .MOV tapeless files.


            Recently (like a bonehead) I opened the case door very hard (my fault) and broke it at the hinges. I wrote ADK and offered to buy a replacement but they said no and are replacing if at no charge.


            Obviously I highly recommend them.


            For the record I have no personal affiliation with Scott or ADK. I'm just a satisfied customer.

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              deadboy Level 1

              Thanks, yes ADK does look like a great shop. Hard to get away from the well machined parts of a Macpro (broke the hinge?...probly wouldnt have happend on a mac) BUT...I am sick of being stuck with  some of apples   limitations . I deally I would like something that is the lastest greatest AND can be upgraded when the next whiz bang versions of processors come out...I suspect that is more possible on a PC.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                I would strongly recommend a bit of reading in the Hardware Forum, and looking at ALL the posts by Harm Millaard. He covers everything, including the I/O and video sub-systems in great detail. He also explains the "why" for most of his recommendations.


                Good luck,



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                  deadboy Level 1

                  by the way...which computer case was it that broke?

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                    Dailey Pike Level 1

                    Actually, it was a hinge on an ADK Tower that I broke through my own ham handed negligence.


                    If you're still thinking about a MAC here's an article that might interest you.




                    BTW, one of the reasons I bought from ADK is that they not only built my system but installed and tested everything on it including the Adobe CS5 Production Suite.


                    Not a glimmer of a problem since I got it. And if I do have a problem, Scott and Eric are only a phone call away.


                    After years of dealing with the Gordian knot that is Dell's customer service, this is a big plus.

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                      deadboy Level 1

                      Thanks, no I'm not thinking of a mac. I already have a pretty current one that I can keep for doing other stuff.


                      I too am burnt out on stuff like the the new macpro announcment.


                      I just wish I could get a PC that had as good of a case as a macpro and your comment made me pause since Im already very leary of pc case build quality.


                      I have several oldish PCs from various custom shops (billed as Pro Audio DAWs) and they are OK but a real pain to open up and work on (they also seem like they all come from the smae Chinese facrtory no matter which brand!) .


                      But at the same time...I have old Dell computers (essentially all plastic and cumbersome to open and work on) but they still run so I guess everything has its trade-offs.


                      I have jumped back and forth a few times. I remember when the G5 came out and was billed as "fastest ever" I went right away to buy one - got it home (spinning beachball as ususal)  - sold it immedialy. But then the PC alternaitves have never been that great either....


                      But since Windows 7 64 bit the PC has gotten much better and CS5 is awsome on it. Just need that video card and a bit more power - would be nice if I could do that and get something that looks like the Rain boxes instaed of a piece of plastic.

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                        Guys, I have quite similar problem.

                        Unfortunately I can spend only $2.3k. I was wondering which option would be better - buying a macbook pro/iMac and being happy with the os x or building a much faster/powerful PC and trying to work on Windows 7 64bit.


                        I want to use it for photography/graphic design and making movies (footage from Canon 7D) so: photoshop/illustrator/premiere/after effects

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                          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          >have quite similar problem


                          Go back one so you are at http://forums.adobe.com/community/premiere/hardware_forum


                          Just above the message list is Hardware Guidance -- Look here first, it's the best way to start


                          Inside the selection window you will see What PC to Build? 


                          Click the downward pointing black triangle next to that to pop-up a list of subjects


                          Select, click the GO button... read


                          What I built is linked in My CS5/AVCHD 1st Impressions http://forums.adobe.com/thread/652694?tstart=0

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                            hellopaul_1 Level 1

                            Oh, thank You very much, didn't notice that

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                              Jhvegas Level 1

                              Just a quick note about the linked article re: nVidia support on Mac Pro's. I'm just looking in the apple store and they plainly offer up to 4 nVidia GeForce cards as an option.