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    Need AME to split into 4Gb chunks.

    lchapman66 Level 1

      I have to send a 25minute 1080p24fps video clip to another editor via a CF card.  It would be nice if AME had an option to do this.  If it does, I can't find it.   Seems like my only option is to break the sequence into smaller sequences myself and export them seperately.




      Next time I'm going to ask for an external HDD instead of a CD card . . .

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          I do not believe that AME has this capability directly. I will be corrected, if wrong.


          Instead, just use the WAB (Work Area Bar) to Export in the chunks that you need. Since you are dealing with file sizes, and not Duration, some math will be required.


          Another possibility would be to use an archiving program, like WinRAR to break the file into chunks of your specifications. The recipient would then need the program, to "assemble" the files on their machine.


          Another option would be to ship on an external HDD, rather than a card. Packaging and shipping charges will go up a bit, but that is how I ship large files and usually have a couple of externals in transit at any one time.


          Good luck,



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            digitlman Level 1

            Yes like he said i would use winrar and the "store" setting so it doesnt try to compress the data, it will write it as fast as your drives can go in

            to whatever size files you would like. there are also several file splitting programs out in the public domain that will do the job for you.