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    Adobe air html/js - application act like a browser.


      I just started in Adobe air html/js . In the current application I want to do something like this .

      I want to open the urls/web pages in the application and application should act like a web-browser to them .

      But with that I want to modify the opened pages a little, like add some css/js to them.

      Something like when you open Web pages in Firefox and a plugin (example grease monkey scripts) modifies the displayed content .


      Is it possible ?

      I tried opening in iframe it works , but I cannot add my own  JavaScript to the page (is there any way in air to remove cross domain  strictness?).

      Note: Please don't suggest that I fetch the html content of the page  and add it to the app body.  My app should really act as browser. (Adobe  air is webkit based so I think it can be achieved)