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    please help - problem with animations


      Hello everyone, I just upgraded to cs5 and im having trouble making animations. Im making a website header that has 3 pictures. I want these pictures to fade out and new pictures fade in, 3 or 4 new pics for each of the three originals. If possible, i want to make it so only one of them is fading at a time, to make it a little more lengthy. I know i use to be able to do it with the old versions, but it doesnt seem to want to let me start a animation at diffrent state, such as state 30 for 2nd pic to start fading in, state 60 for 3rd pic, ect. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          It still works the same way for me. On state one, add your first image and convert it to a symbol. Choose Animation for type, add the number of states you want it to fade over, and then adjust opacity. At the end on the animation, add another image in the same place, and convert it to a symbol, choose the number of states, and adjust opacity. Return to, say, state 4 and add a new image next to the original symbol. Convert it to a symbol, choose number of states, adjust opacity. reae a new animation in the same plave at the end of the animation. Continue adding new images on random states, converting them to animation symbols, choosing the nimber of states, and adjusting the opacity.


          Note that if you are using photographic images, you should be creating this in Flash instead of Fireworks. The Animated GIF format doesn't handle photographic images well and the file size of your animation will end up too large to use on a web page.