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    Audio Glitch in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Timeline (not a clip problem - it's the timeline space)

    mylifevisual Level 1

      I have an audio glitch that appears to be tied to a space in my timeline and not to a certain audio clip.  If I drag or move the audio clip further up or down the timeline it plays fine.  If I move a different audio file into this area, the audio drops out in the same area, even with volumes set where they need to be.  There are absolutely no keyframes set in this area and I want to be clear about that.   However, this issue did come up only the software froze on me as I was loading my project.  I believe my best bet is to delete delete my media cach and media cache files so that clips are reconformed... unless someone has additional input or has experienced similar issue with the sound.


      As a note, I also reinstalled Quicktime.  I am working with AVI files/aac auio codec.