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    Can I edit a HD project in SD, then export HD from the original files?


      I have a project that has been shot in HDV that, for a couple of reasons, I have to edit on my laptop instead of my rather powerful desktop. As well as it being HDV (1080 50i), it's also going to need lots of effects adding to it. Now, my laptop is pretty good for a laptop, but I know it's not going to be able to handle this - it plays back HDV choppily at the best of times, so this would give it a heart attack.


      So I was wondering - would it be possible to take the captured HDV files, export them as SD files (like standard DV Microsoft AVI), which my laptop can handle easily, edit using those files but then, at the end, export the video in 1080 50i from the original captured HDV files (using my desktop if necessary)?


      I think I've seen or heard this discussed before, because that's where I got the idea from. So is it possible, and if so, how?