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    Issues with movie clips...


      Hi.  I am attempting to generate a simple site using Flash 10 and AS3.


      I have 7 navigation buttons along the left side of the stage, all with varying colors.


      Clicking any of the buttons triggers the color of the button to bleed out over the stage, eventually covering the background color so it matches the color of the button.


      I am using AS to go to frame X and play, with a stop frame at the end of the animation (once the color has covered the entire stage).

      (Button 1 triggers an animation which runs from frame 2 to 32, Button 2 triggers an animation which runs from 33 to 63, and so on...)


      For instance, the default background color is a dark grey, and when I click on the green button, a green circle grows until it is larger than the stage, making the background green.


      The issue that I am having is when you click on a second button, the background returns to the default (grey) and then runs the animation.


      I would like the animation to play over the last frame of the current section.



      I think movie clips might be the answer, but I couldn't configure the buttons to trigger them.


      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated,

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What you could try is to have a movieclip behind the circles animation that only has as many frames as you do background colors and have that fill the stage.  When a circle animation occurs... only the circles, remove any background in that animation... as soon as it is done you have the other movieclip move to a frame where the colors match.  That way, when the circle animation moves to a new frame to animate again, the existing color is present due to the movieclip behind.

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            iamshawnrice Level 1

            I like where you are going with this.


            Being very new to Actionscript, I am having a difficult time finding the proper code to input on the main timeline to go to a movieclip and stop at a particular frame.


            Can you point me in the right direction?