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    Insert text after a specific text (top insertion point of page)

    PankChat Level 1

      Hello guys,


      How can add a flag (a simple text) on top of page after a specific flag (unique piece of text). Let me try to explain:


      I am inserting a flag on top of a each page of document.


      var myText={flag1};  

      myDoc.pages[i].textFrames.itemByName("main").insertionPoints.item(0).properties = { appliedCharacterStyle : "pbBlank_CS", contents:myText};


      In second go, I am again inserting another flag on top of pages:


      var myText={flag2};  

      myDoc.pages[i].textFrames.itemByName("main").insertionPoints.item(0).properties  = { appliedCharacterStyle : "pbBlank_CS", contents:myText};


      The order I am expecting should be


      {flag1}{flag2} but on some pages it appears in reverse form


      {flag2}{flag1} which is not expected. I am thinking following way to keep the correct order:


      1. Finding "}" on top , like {flag1} text start text start .............. and then inserting my second flag {flag2} to it to get the correct order {flag1}{flag2} text start text start.

      The reason why I would like to search for last "}" as there may as many as flags need added to top of page something like {flag1}{flag2}{flag3}{flag4} etc. This will ensure me to have the correct order.


      Hope I am making sense.


      Any thoughts in this regard will be highly appreciated.