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    Sending multiple data from Datagrid

    kiran7881 Level 1

      Hi ,

      I am uisng Java With FLEX 3 for an Application development .

      I am connecting to Oracle Data Base using JDBC and displaying data inside a DataGrid on to Front End .

      The Data is displayed inside a Datagrid with 3 columns as Employee ID , EMployee Name , Employee Department .

      After displaying the Data on to the DataGrid , i am providing the user to Update , Delete or Insert Data .

      I am using Checkbox inside Datagrid for the Column Employee ID  inside Datagrid .


      Now my question is if the user selects multiple checkboxes for Updation  under datagrid , How do i do send data in this case ??


      Any similar link on net would be very useful .


      Thanks in advnace