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    Lock datagrid last row with agregates (don't know what to do next :( )

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      I have been googling for 2 hours and have been reading some forum posts, etc... but can't get this thing working. It seems an important flaw in datagrid, because I'm sure lota peopple needs this, but I've not found a good solution.


      What I need to do is add a row of agregates to a datagrid that contains flat data (it must be last one, and locked, I mean, must not scroll). I have been reading about this:




      But this makes the row separated from the grid, I mean, It is not really a datagrid row. Other problems arise using this implementation like, impossibility to keep last row aligned with datagrid columns when scrolling (I need to scroll because I have lota columns), etc...


      So, could anybody please help here to accomplish this? I think it is a pretty common task and it is a bit dissapointing it can't be done easily with flex.


      Thanks in advance,