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      I am working in a hardware design for a voice circuit. I am measuring circuits performance by recording its outputs and compare to original voice. I wanted to know if there is a way to do correlation test on the signals (original and recorded) and if this possible on its spectral, FFT, and time domain? Please help. I am using Audition 2



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          Yes you can do correlation over time signal in the edit view.


          Simply select the first part you want to correlate and reverse (not inverse).

          Go in convolution and add your selection as impulse. (Note you can't import an infinite number of points)

          Then go to the second signal you want to correlate (not reversed) and apply the convolution on it. It gonna do the equivalent of a correction...


          I sometime use this technique to precisely identify the length of a loop, which gonna return a spike at every begining of the loop. Mesuring the number of sample between two spike return the exact length of the loop.


          Hope it help in your case...