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      How can I talk to someone to ask for help?


      I do not understand the navigation how to find a how to do something and I spend more time searching help than working it out. is there live support for captivate 5

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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional



          Welcome on the forum!


          You can psot questions on this forum. Other users (like me) will try to help you out. Real live support is not te be found here, except what I explained. Did you consult the Help of Captivate?  If you are connected, you'll not only have the Adobe Help but also links to other blogs, articles etc. Captivate 5 is pretty new, not that much training available for the moment. Have a look at:






          Search on Youtube for eLearning, Captivate 5 Quick Tips etc.



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            JimmyDotMac Level 2

            You might want to start here, there are tutorials and a link to Contact Adobe support.

            http://www.adobe.com/support/captivate/ not sure if there is a cost if you are wanting phone support from Adobe.


            Technical Forums are typically for the community helping each other without phone support.  This group of Captivate Members are very good at helping each other.  Just ask your specific questions?  describe what you are trying or wanting to do.  if you get an error, provide your step by steps for us to reproduce. or provide a sample of your project that reproduces the problem.


            Also i think there are others that also provide a Service.