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      I use Premiere Pro CS5 to get video out of my 3d renderings. But I have a bad problem:

      I can import numbered picture files to get a clip - which works fine. The single frames have been rendered already 1920x1080 for full HD video.

      The problem is - I can´t get a playback within the preview or working window. While the cursor runs smoothly through the frames within the sequence window, the preview window jumps and shows some random frames only.

      If I import the exported file back, it will playback smoothly without problem, this way my machine should be capable to do it as it is same resolution, only video instead of single frames.


      Anything I can do to get smooth playback of image sequences ?

      It doesn´t make much sense to export video first before being able to add sound as I don´t have any control for syncing while the clip is a numbered frame import only.