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    Easy movie clip / timeline question... please help.

      This is a pretty simple question about something I just cant figure out.
      I have a movie with 2 frames. On the frist frame are two buttons. On the second frame is a movie clip. In the movie clip are two labeled frames, "ball" and "box" for two parts of an animation. One part plays a ball bouncing. The other plays a box rotating. What I want to happen is when you click the ball button it plays the movie clip and starts on ball. When you click the box button it plays the movie clip and starts on box. The code for the buttons is simple:

      boxButton.onRelease = function ()

      ballButton.onRelease = function ()

      The movie works fine as long as the movie clip and the buttons are on the same frame, frame 1.
      But if I move the movie clip to frame 2 it does not work. Why!!!??? How do I point the button to play the movie clip on frame 2?

      It will work if I just send the button to gotoAndPlay("2"); obviously, but what if I want to target specific frames?