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    AIR and Flex differed about DNS Resolver?


      It is an interesting problem.
      The code is running well in Flex, it can send and get data from the server. but fail in the AIR(IO ERROR).


                  import flash.events.*;
                  import flash.net.*;
                  private function initPanel():void
                      var stream:URLStream = new URLStream();
                      var req:URLRequest = new URLRequest();
                      var temp:URLVariables = new URLVariables();
                      temp.type = 1;
                      temp.wd = "125a100a125a101a";
                      req.url = "http://hw.baidu.com";
                      req.method = "POST";
                      req.data = temp;



      Tested in: Win2003, Flex builder 4.0.1, Flash Player(WIN 10,1,53,64)