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    Redner settings help


      I am using CS5 Production premium. I am having difficulites with render settings in Media encoder. When I select a .mov source clip and input settings to export to .wmv format the videos do not play back properly on Windows XP with any version of WIndows Media player. The closet I have gotten is the audio will playback but the video does not. The .wmv will play back fine on my Windows 7 64-bit machine running WMP 12.


      However when I import the clips into After Effects and then render them with the same settings I used in Media Encoder the exported files do play back on Windows XP I have tested with WMP version as low as version 9. I thought that the other Adobe Apps would be using Media Encoder on the back end when exporting clips.


      Format:     Windows Media  

      Preset:     NTSC Source to Download 512KBPS (rest of the settings are the defaults for this option)

      Codec:     Windows Media Video 9 (I have tried each option in Media encoder)

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          WMP uses hardware acceleration, so more than anything else it is probably simply the inadequacy of the hardware or unsuitable settings on your XP machine. Could be anything from just a slow drive (unlikely) to misconfigured graphics (more likely) to the WMP pref for hardware accle itself. Also make sure that third-party players do not bust up your WM stuff. In case of doubt, simnply reinstall Windows Media Redistributable from the MS pages.



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            Altec6 Level 1

            Well I was running these clips on a VMware virtual machine so I tested them on a physical XP machine, and looks like you are correct. Must be the lack of power/drivers utilized by VMWare. Thanks for the response!