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    FLVPlayback custom skin question

    Greg Dove Level 4
      Hi all,
      Does anyone know if there is a way to achieve a spread of the video control elements from relative to one of the elements being centred horizontally (e.g. the play/pause button) and the others spread to the left or right either side of it.

      I can get my head around the anchorLeft and anchorRight properties, but I can't see how to achieve the above (I have a new circular play/Pause button that I want to stay in the center, with mute and volume bar on the left and stop and seekbar on the right). Does anyone know how to do this? After loads of experimenting, I'm almost ready to dig inside the FLVPlaybacks UIManager (almost, but not quite - hence this plea).

      I have the new skin working at a fixed width by switching off all the anchoring/resizing and setting everything at a fixed size. But its only suitable for one width of player if that's the case - far from ideal. Just wondered if I was missing something simple.... please let me know if you've worked through something like this before. Thanks, GWD
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          Greg Dove Level 4
          I just figured out how to do it. Actually digging around in the UIManager was what I needed to do...I shouldn't have been so reluctant to do that because that's where the instructions for how to do it were hidden away from plain sight as comments at the beginning of the class file...lol.

          Each element in the skin can have its own layoutSelf 'method' which gets called after the UIManager does its work. So you can write the code to do it in the skin swf itself.

          Hope that saves someone else some time. This is for the as2 version of FLVPlayback...don't know if its the same for as3. I'll get there soon.