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    Trouble opening project after upgrading from RH7 to RH8


      We recently loaded a RH7 project into Source Control 3.1.  All things seemed to be working well.  Until last week I was the sole user of the program and editor on the project.  Last week the IT department attempted to add a new user to the project, installing RH8.  The new user profile attempted to open the project in RH8 but we have not been able to completely open the project.  This was done before upgrading my PC from RH7 to RH8.


      We were unable to open the project (and converting) in the new profile, however when viewing the project in Source Control, it showed all the files were checked out exclusively to the new profile.  We were able to utilize the 'check in' function in SC as Admin users and checked in all the files.


      My PC was then upgraded to RH8 and I am attempting to open the project.  I received the Upgrade project dialog box. (I select 'Upgrade). I then recieve a warning 'Your project file, C:\....cpd, is corrupt and cannot be opened.  Try deleting this file and reopening the project."


      I did this and tried to open the project.  I got as far as the status bar showing the files/project was being loaded.  After several minutes the screen goes all white and the Task Manager shows that it is not responding.


      Any suggestions for this novice?