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    Input Text Box Help

    mldb88 Level 2

      I basically need to store a string of characters from an input text box and have them displayed at the last frame of the quiz.  I declared the variable holding the input text as _global.player in the first frame, and upon clicking the start button the code is:


      on (release) {
          gotoAndStop (2);


      These variables are not referenced again until the last frame of the quiz, which reads thus:


      'Endng Comments Generator'
      if (_global.correct<=3) {
          phrase="Try a little harder next time";
      if (_global.correct>3 + _global.correct<7) {


      Yes, I know the global.correct coments are not yet complete, but i dont think that should be causing any issue with the playerdisplay.text (the dynamic text box to display the player name).  If anyone could give me a hand that would be great.  Nothing appears in the dynamic text box when the final frame of the movie loads.