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    Security sandbox violation help!!

    pretzel2307 Level 1

      I have a script running in Photoshop that loads up a flash window from an SFT. I am trying to send an HTTP POST, from within my SWF - When I run the SWF in Internet Explorer, the POST is received successfully, but when I run the .SWF from within Photoshop (called via javascript), I get the following error:


      target = (flash.net::URLLoader)#3

      text = "Error #2048: Security sandbox violation: file://{location of my .swf} cannot load data from {location where I'm trying to send HTTP POST}."

      type = "securityError"

      timestamp = 0

      timeToLive = 0



      Is there some setting I can change to allow Photoshop to perform HTTP POSTs??