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    setting width of datagrid


      I have an issue with my datagrid and I dont know if I am doing this right and also I dont know if I am asking this question on a right way.


      Basically I have a datagrid where i have 35+ columns. Now I need to display all the columns in a page with out horizontal scroll bar at all time even when we resize the browser. Resizing works fine. But initially when I populate data the last column is always hidden. I have set the minWidth for the columns. My data gets refreshed every 2 mins using a timer and I listen to the event when I get the refreshed data. As I catch the event from the command, I call validateNow() on the datagrid. When I print out the width of the data grid, it is always slightly greater than the browser width.


      I dont know what to say but just wanted to get some feedback from you folks on your ideas how to keep the width ofht edatagrid consistent to the browser width at all times. Let me know if I need to give you more details. I will try my best to explain it more. Thanks.