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    Help with PDF Form Submission




      I am using Live Cycle for the first time.  I have designed a PDF form that my clients will fill out and then send back to me.


      I have a website and thought submitting the form via http would be best but am having a problem with knowing the correct URL an then the server authentication.


      When I try to submit now I get an authorization error.


      Here is the URL I used in LiveCycle - http://watchmymvp.com/profilesubmissions


      This is to a folder a created on the server.


      How do I set this up?



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          pguerett Level 6

          That URL is just a directory on your server. You need to submit to a program on your server and it will take the inbound data stream and write it to the folder. The program can be any language that the web server supports.



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            Videoman54321 Level 1

            Hello Paul,


            Thank you for your reply.


            I use Ipower for my hosting.  I see they use sendmail and the path on the server is - /usr/sbin/sendmail.  Would this work?


            The way I would like this to work would be:

            1) I e-mail the PDF form to the client

            2) Client opens and fills in the form

            3) They hit submit and the form information eventually gets e-mailed to my business e-mail


            I chose to use the HTTP method instead of e-mail because the PDF form says it can not be saved and if the client uses an internet beased e-mail like Yahoo it gets kind of messy.


            But, does the HTTP delivery method make it more difficult since this is not embedded in a website?


            Sorry, I did not realise this would be as involved as it is.  Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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              pguerett Level 6

              I do not know those services but it sounds like you are not in control of your server environment. The issue is the when you submit the form Reader is doinng an HTTP Post to the webserver. Hence there must be a program there to recieve the Post and interpret the protocol then email it out. This is not a difficult program (usually written with Java or ASP or PHP) but you must be able to have control of your server to do this (and I doubt a service offering will allow that). The URL that you are submitting to is usually something like this:




              Hope that helps


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                Videoman54321 Level 1

                O.K.  So what would be my best course of action here?


                Would it be easier to embed this form on my website?  I will call my hosting company and ask if they can help me out.


                Or, is there a way to embed a Livecycle form inside of an e-mail, not an attachment?  Then the clients could just fill out and reply without the round trip to the servers.



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                  pguerett Level 6

                  You can only add teh PDF form as an attachment ot an email. Do you have Acrobat? If so you can Reader Extend it in Acrobat so that those users who have Reader can save locally and use their own email clients. This still has potential for issue for those users who use web mail as they will manually have to attach the PDF to the mail message.


                  Or contacting your service provider is a reasonable request for them. The program is very simple and should be real easy for them to create.



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                    Videoman54321 Level 1

                    O.K.  It sounds like contacting my hosting company is the best course of action.


                    I will check out the extend feature in Acrobat is it would be nice to allow everybody to save the form in Reader.


                    Thanks again for all of your help!