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    Help With Fireworks and Dreamweaver



      I am a graphic designer wanting to expend mt skillset. Mainly because I am currently at a job day to day that requires minimal amount of web stuff. It would benefit me greatly to have the web skills too. Anyway, I am having trouble in fireworks and dreamweaver. Sometimes something gets handed to me and I can open it DW and edit th text, send it back and it is fine. ready to go. More recently, I have been asked to change some marginal issues, plus create some things from scratch. I naturally went to Fireworks to do my layouts. I need to understand the best way to create something in FW and export it so that the code is as complete as possible fro DW. I know it is not that simple, but the web work that I am doing fro right now is VERY simple stuff. i just dont know the basics to get it done. Please help.