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    How do I get actionscript animation to video?

      I have a flash movie with actionscript animation that I need to convert to video. How can I do it? Every time export it to video from Flash (8 pro) I get nothing but stills. I have a number of mx transitions that would take forever to convert to timeline animation. Please help.

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          When you say video, do you mean tape or DVD, or just a computer video file like .avi or .mov?
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            Well, I ultimately need to go to dvd, but it would be a start to get it to an avi or mov file. And it would be preferable to have a Mac-based tool to do the conversion. I have looked at Camtasia and SWF Toolbox but those are both on the PC and I have no idea how good they are/aren't.
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              Been a while since I exported video in Flash but isn't there an export to QuickTime option in Flash??? I thought you could publish a quicktime mov.

              If you have Toast 6 on your mac, you can change the settings to Video and simply drag the quicktime mov onto the application interface. It will do the conversion for the DVD automatically.

              If you need to use FCP Studio or similar app, just import the mov into the bin and drop it on your timeline where you need it.

              Apple's iDVD can also import quicktime mov files and will do the conversion for a DVD when you burn the DVD.
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                That's precisely the problem. If I export directly to Quicktime all of the frames where I used a nice MX Transition don't show any of those transitions. None of the actionscript animation makes it into the Quicktime file. I was wondering if there is a utility/process I can use (and preferably not a screen recorder) that will allow me to save a video file that have all my transitions in it.

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                  code1234 Level 1
                  You have the right idea. Since Flash seems to ignore AS generated animation like interactivity, the only option left is to record the screen while the animation is running. You can either go hardware or software for this.

                  Software would be the most convenient, but I can't recommend a specific screen capture utility for the Mac, as I'm on a PC. However, if you go to versiontracker.com and search for OSX screen capture utilities, you should find one. Also some other Mac users may be able to help.

                  For software conversion, the general method is to get your flash sized as close to the final video size on the screen. For DVD this will be 720 x 480. If you can modify your Flash stage to be this size, it will simplify the process, as many capture utilities can capture from a window instead of the whole screen. Capture the video at 30 frames per second, uncompressed. .It will be a large file, but all the quality will be maintained at this step. If "uncompressed" is not an option, choose the quicktime animation compressor, as this will do a lossless RLE compression, and still maintain the quality. Next you will have to transcode the video to MPEG2 for DVD. Many of the burning and authoring packages can do this. Or a video editing package should be able to do it, as well. The free video package that comes with OSX (can't remember the name, imovie maybe??) can export for DVD, also.

                  The other route is hardware: For this you will need an scan converter and a recorder or camcorder with inputs. Many of the miniDV cameras can take an analog or DV signal in and convert to MiniDV on to tape. Many low cost encoders have come on the market to allow powerpoint or games to be displayed on a standard TV. And many of them allow you to pan, zoom and center the image. The general method is to size your desktop for the max resolution of the encoder, usually xga (1024 x 768). Size your Flash as big as possible on the screen. Plug your Mac video out into the encoder. Plug your Mac monitor into the encoder (to pass the signal back to the monitor so you can see it). Plug the encoder into the inputs of your recorder or camcorder. Play the animation and start recording. Then use your firewire to capture the video back into the computer as a DV file. Convert to MPEG2 as described above.

                  Here is a link to a cheap scan converter at buy dot come as an example.
                  http://www.buy.com/prod/startech-com-vga-to-ntsc-pal-pc-to-tv-video-converter/q/loc/101/10 313177.html

                  Another place to check for a scan converter is bhphotovideo.com. They have a lot of video stuff for Mac.

                  Sounds complicated, but Flash is not really made for this, so you have to "improvise" I have used both hardware and software to convert both Flash and Shockwave animations to from the PC to DVD, so it is possible to get good results. Hope this helps.
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