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    Changing constraints in a component?

    Handycam Level 1

      I have a component that is a Group.  It consists of two states a 30x30px rect/png and a rollover state where its a larger Rect with information in it (see image).


      In some cases, the icons are closer to the left or the right of the base artwork.  I can "direct" the growing by setting the component instance to be constrained left or right, no problem.  The problem is the icon of the small state; unless I make 2 versions of this component, the icon is always at the upper left, even when the instance is constrained to the right.  So, as the icon fades out and the yellow box grows, the right-constrained components don't seem to be "growing out of the icon", the icon slides over.  Make sense?


      So for now I made 2 versions of the component, one with the icon set to top=0,left=0 and the other top=0, right=0.  This works, but it's a pain to maintain 2 components.  I'd rather it be a property of the component, e.g. "growLeft" and "growRight".  How should I do that?