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    Help creating an external array for a scoreboard

    mldb88 Level 2

      I'm trying to create an array in an external file that will recieve and arrange scores sent from Quiz.fla upon clicking the submit score button.  I also want another fla file to be able to reference this external array and pull the top 15 scores from it, and then display those scores on a scrolling banner.  I want the banner to be able to update dynamically (I assume reloading the banner fla each time it reaches the end of its cycle, having the first frame load the external array on an onClipEvent action would accomplish this), that way it will update while remaining open.  The main reason I need two separate files for the quiz and the score banner is they will be displayed on two different monitors.  What would be the most efficient way of accomplishing this?  I know a little about actionscript but I don't have much experience with calling data and functions from external fla or as files (the array and the function designating how the data will be arranged within said array are going to be in a separate .as file).

      I'm currently working in AS2, since I've had almost no experience with AS3.