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    Flash, Dreamweaver, XML.. when don't get along


      hello, i'm building a Flash-XML application with the help of dreamweaver. But i found something weird regarding content that comes from dreamweaver..


      1. HTML. when i write HTML and export to flash via XML, the result is quite ugly, all <p> seem has double space.. it took me a lot of hour until i found this solution:


      function fixHTML(txtContent){


      Why on earth it create invisible "%0D%0A" ?? solution... i use notepad now to create HTML...


      2. German/Latin Character... i copy and paste a paragraph in german language to dreamweaver.. it works fine. Then, i create XML and import to Flash... BANG.. a bunch of messy text in Flash XML Object... it took me a lot of hours until i found a solution:  NOTEPAD


      when i write with notepad and recreate the XML..it work just fine !..



      Now the question.. What the heck Dreamweaver doin ?? why it troubled me a lot.. what should i do to fix and slap this 'BAD Boy'.... kinda pissed but i could'nt work without dreamweaver... grrr


      please help !