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    APP CS5 - aspect of text in title pages altered from APP 2.0


      Hi everyone,



      When opening an APP 2.0 project with APP CS5, the Aspect property of the text in a title page is changed from its original value of 100.  The new Aspect value will be either greater or less than 100%.  The change in the value of the text's aspect ratio is dependant upon 1) the font and 2) the aspect ratio of the project (4:3 or 16:9 for instance).  I have seen the aspect ratio of the text changed from 100% to values ranging from 80% to 101%.



      1. For my several dozen APP 2.0 projects, all of the text in the title pages have an aspect of 100%.  I verified this fact just now by opening my original projects with APP 2.0 on my old computer.

      2. I also created a new title page in CS5 and the Aspect value was 100% from the start.



      1. After opening an APP 2.0 project with APP CS5, open the title page and change the aspect ratio of the text back to 100%.  Then change the size of the text as needed.


      Has anyone else seen this issue?  Is this "works-as-designed" or is it a bug?