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    8 drives, two RAIDs. Now What?

    AudoWarp Level 1

      I'm sorry I'm so slow, and I have been trying to find this info on my own, but I'm confused.

      My new build includes 8 Spinpoint F3s:

      One Boot/Program drive.

      One "Extra's" drive.

      Two in a RAID 0 configuration.

      Four in a RAID 0/RAID 10 (matrix) configuration.


      I need to figure out how how to maximize Premiere with this configuration.


      Where do I copy my raw video (SD Cards from Canon T2i)?

      Where do I store the video to be worked on in Premiere? As it is being worked on in Premiere?

      Which should be the "Premiere project disk", as stated in the PPBM5 instructions?  I was under the impression that Premiere projects (ppj) contained only a reference to the video files.

      Which array should contain the "video scratch files", and which should contain the "audio scratch files"?

      Which should contain the "preview files"?

      Which should I render output to?

      What do I need to keep on separate drives/arrays in order to maximize efficiency?


      Do I have enough drives?  RAIDs?