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    Pause player between serial elements


      Is there a way to pause the player between two elements playing in serial without listening to the duration and time change to pause before one element is unloaded and then next loaded? I basically want to pause the player on the last frame of the video currently being played before it's unloaded from the player and the next child of the SerialElement is loaded into the player.

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          bringrags Level 4

          Good question.  If I were trying to do this, I would create a custom ProxyElement subclass that would wrap each child of the SerialElement.  This custom class would pause the proxied element at the appropriate time, then load the next child, then unpause the previous child.  (Thus, the custom class would need a pointer to the next child in the sequence.)


          Alternatively, you could subclass SerialElement to encapsulate this logic, but it might be more complicated.