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    Logos & Pictures in Adobe Reader


      HELP!! When I save a document from Word or Publisher 2007, the logos appear with a black or white (depending on the colour of the background in the document) box (the dimensions of the logo picture file) around them, when before the logo had no background colour at all. Also if there is a shadow around a picture, it will make the shadow completely coloured instead of fading into nothing. I have uninstalled and reinstalled everything to do with Adobe and it is still doing the same thing. Also what seems to be happening is that the PDF file is a lot larger then it should be. When a large document is saved normally it become a lot less in MB but now it seems to save a lot large in MB.


      It isn't the Word or Publisher document as I can open the same doc on another computer and save as a PDF and it works perfectly. Is there some sort of setting that has been set up that I'm not aware of? I am running version 9.3.3.


      ***** Please see screen shot below - You will see there is 2 logos at the bottom, that have a black box around each and have almost completely covered the logo and also a picture of a leaf that was supposed to have no background colouring.*****

      Adobe Problem.jpg

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          AbhigyanModi Adobe Employee

          Good that you provided the screenshot.


          Notice that at the very top, Reader is saying that your are viewing this document in PDF/A mode. PDF/A is an archival standard that does not allow for transparency in the document and the logos and pictures in the source document have transparency.


          The PDF creation application (looks like you are using the native Save As PDF in Word 2007) needs to deal with this situation (where the document has transparency and PDF/A does not allow it).


          You have two options:

          a) Turn off the PDF/A option in your creating application (click on the Options button when you do a Save As PDF and turn off ISO 19005-1 compliant option.

          b) If you do need to create PDF/A documents, try Adobe PDF Creation tools with Acrobat 9. They do a much better job at degrading transparency in such cases.



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            kimando Level 1

            THANK YOU!!!


            I'm not sure what PDF/A Mode is and I don't know if I need it to be on that mode. I seemed to have been working with out it for a little while before somehow it changed... So I turned it off, like you explained and it works correctly for me now.

            Thank you very much for your prompt response and your very helpful answer...