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    inactivate (removeListener) and activate (addListener) a MouseListener

      Hello everyone,

      1) on the _root level I have a code that adds a MouseListener :
      something like that : Mouse.addListener(MouseListener)
      that works fine...

      2) on a deeper depth (under _root level) I have a button with the following code, to "inactivate" (delete) the MouseListener on the _root level
      something like: Mouse.removeListener(_root.MouseListener)
      that works fine

      3) now... if I want to go back to the _root level (by clickin a button in the deeper depth) I want "REACTIVATE" the MouseListener . So I want to enable or to add the MouseListener again... I tried following code: Mouse.addListener(_root.MouseListener)
      THIS CODE DOESN'T WORK!!! grrrrrrrrrrr....

      Can anyone help me how to 'reactivate' (re-add) the MouseListener once I'm on _root level?

      Thanks in advance...