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    Will Flash Catalyst give me a jump start on a phone ap?


      I want to create two applications for different media formats for an idea I am developing in Illustrator CS5.
      One for the web or desktop. The other for a phone.
      I have taken a Lynda.com course on how to develop with Flash Catalyst CS5.
      I have also taken courses on ActionScript 3.0 but I'm still learning.
      Would the actionscript generated by Flash Catalyst CS5 be adequate for me to test in Adobe Device Central CS5 on various phone types?
      Would I have to do a ton of work re-working the code in Flash Builder 4 to fix it so that it works on a phone?
      If so, are there any resources that would help me navigate the CS5 software to do this?
      I am in the research planning phase right now.
      However, I want to get my ducks in a row in the area of cell phone applications.
      I am currently learning Actionscript 3.0. Essential Training and taking Flash Mobile Essential Training with Arthur Phillips on Lynda.com.
      I hope to move on to Actionscript 3.0 Beyond the basics soon, however, I have to admit, understanding Actionscript isn't an easy transition.
      I like designing better.