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    Interactive map - Managing layers when popup is not on top layer


      I am a bit of a newbie and this is probably an easy question.


      I am creating a touchcreen (LCD) for a property development.


      We I am having a problem is on the interactive map.

      Picture a map with icons all over it.

      When you touch the icon a image of that area of the map pops up.

      you then click on a X on the top right to go back to the map.


      I have probably dont this incorrect and those only because I dont have much knowledge.

      I have create the map on the lowest layer.

      The icons (same graphic - eye) are on there own layers.

      I converted the icon to a BUTTON and added the pop up on the DOWN.


      The problem I have is when you touch the icon on a layer other than the top layer the top layer icon shows on the screen (ontop of the popup).


      Any ideas? thanks..