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    The command "Feather" is not currently available


      Using PS CS5 Extended on 64-bit Windows

      Using the default vignette action

      have an 8-bit image in RGB color space

      have a rectangular section approximately 50 pixels inside of the image borders.

      Attempt to use the default vignette action and get the following error:   The command "Feather" is not currently available  The reason it's unavailable is that the selection has disappeared.    I can't figure out WHY the selection is disappearing on me.   I've used this action for YEARS and never seen this behavior.  It's doing the same thing in both 32-bit PS and 64-bit PS.


      I assume I've fat-fingered some setting or other but, for the life of me, can't figure out what it could be.


      Sure could use some help sorting this out.  Thanks.