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    I have a form that has a field in it which yields different results from different PCs




      We have a form, (I can send it to anyone interested), our internal staff fill it out and submit it to the appropriate department. The issue appears when the appropriate department needs to make a change at their end... once the form is received by them, there is a particular field which, if checked, should equal the value of $600.00. If unchecked it should remove the $600.00 charge. However, should this check box be checked once received (if that amendment needs to be made) the value equals - $600.00 then if unchecked again, it will - $600.00 again and continue to remove $600 each time the box is checked and unchecked.


      If the form is reset this error continues.


      Can anyone offer any advice on this? I can email the file in question. PS the form works fine on my computer and on other staff members computers. The problematic machine is running adobe acrobat pro 7.0, I am running 9.0 but have tested it on other machines running 7.0.


      Thanks in advance, Kylie