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    how large can a flash movie be ?

      i am buiilding a larger interactive site than i have before, that contains a lot of images.
      i haven't posted it on the web yet, but in testing the movie it seems to freeze or go extremely slowly while "exporting flash movie "

      is there a limit to how much you can put in a flash movie, and what is it ?
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          Rothrock Level 5
          Probably the limit of what you can stand! There is a limit of 16000 frames in the timeline, but that probably isn't what you are running into here.

          If you have lots of images and maybe some video, and your swf is maybe over 1Meg or even 500K then perhaps you are taking the wrong approach. You should probably look into having external assets that are cleverly preloaded just when they are needed.

          This will cut down on publish time, but will also produce a better experience for the end user and allow the flash player to better manage memory usage.

          Look into the MovieClipLoader class.
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            thank you so much for this help !