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    Modifying Flash 8's Jukebox Example...

      Hey there,

      I'm rather new to Actionscript so I'm feverishly working on modifying some actionscript and am running into problems. I'm trying to modify the example called "jukebox" that came with Flash 8. What I'd like to do is remove the accordian component and keep the media player and the Text tree component. I like the XML features and the way it interacts with the folders that can be defined by the user, but I'd like to remove the playfist function. Its seems like an easy thing to do for someone who has more than a rudimentary knowledge of Actionscript. I'd just like the user to be able to load an external mp3 into the media player component when a file is clicked in the text tree (I believe this is the name of the component, it is the first one in the accordion; either the Data Grid or Text Area).

      Anyone out there that can point me in the right direction?