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    problem with publishing in cs5

      Hi, we seem to be expiriencing the following issues with cs5 trial version.

      The problem:
      After making changes to a perfectly working fla it won't publish correctly,
      1. When previewing all the components jump (as usually happens when there is
      a compile error) but no error is displayed in the log.
      In this case when used with the whole project, the project doesn't load,
      even though the corrupted fla is not the first loaded (non of the fla loads
      besides the preloader).

      2. When previewing and running with the whole project the labels on the
      button components disappear, but only the ones that are dynamically changed
      by an external as file.

      *there are other similar bugs as well like unable to enter the table in the
      game etc.

      The changes I make before it happens:
      - changing the size of a shape inside a movie clip.
      - changing the size of a movie clip.
      - changing anything in an already existing code (like changing the size of a
      - adding new basic code anywhere (like trace code).
      - changing button skins.

      Basically, any change I make corrupts the file but not consistently,
      I can make the same change twice and the file will break only one of the
      times, or, I can make several changes until it breaks.
      It also happens on every computer but also, not consistently, I can work for
      a while, making the same change, deleting, making the change again etc, only
      on the fifth or sixth time the file will break. On a different computer it
      can take only two or three times.

      The corrupted file start working again after I change the name of the folder
      containing my project or move all the files to a different folder anywhere
      on my computer. After a short while the file crushes again.

      p.s, i used the latest cs5 updates and that did not solve the problem.
      thanks in advance.

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          Karthik R.

          Seems you have encountered a weird problem. I have been using CS 5 for quite sometime now without any such issues.

          Would it be possible for you to share an example fla that is causing the problem.

          It would be great if you could provide a copy of the fla that gets published ( before making changes)

          and a copy of the fla that is broken ( after making changes)


          If it is possible for you to provide the fla then probaby I could help you out in finding the issue.