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    Problem with 'previewed changes' being recorded (i.e. MS Word 2007)

    Jim Skinner at Greenwich

      Can anyone help with a problem that I've encountered please? I've tried searching help but can't find anything.


      Captivate seems to have a problem with 'previewed changes' in packages such as Word 2007. For example, I've set up a demo of a Word document in Office 2007 with the following text: "Title text", "Heading 1", "Heading 2", etc. and some filler text.


      I switch on Captivate record, select the first line, go into "Styles" and click on "Title" and the line changes style ok. I repeat the process for each element of my document.


      When I replay the Captivate recording it all goes horribly wrong. The video shows me selecting the text, the text then changes style to "Title" then the mouse moves to the button and clicks on "Title". The same goes for the rest of the elements I change.


      I believe it's a problem with the way Captivate deals with previews of changes. I've tried it in version 4 and now version 5 and it happens in both. I've tried adding extra clicks between each operation, cutting and pasting different backgrounds into the slides, etc. but with no luck.


      Ideas/workarounds please? It's pretty urgent.