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    Axis bars count



      i'm looking for a way to know how many "points" i have between the origin of the horizontal axis and its end.. for example, imagine i have an horizontal axis from 0 to 100, with 100 values.. now i make a zoom dragging from the x=20 point to the x = 40 point.. now i can se that the x axis starts at 20 and ends in 40.. i should see only the about 20 points in that interval.. how can i get the exact number of this point (=20), i mean, the visible ones??


      I need this with column and line series.. in the x axis i have a date (gg/mm/aaaa hh:mm) and i must permit the zoom (that i have implemented) only if the zoom selection area contains more than <NUM> elements .. and than, if in the x axis, only remains <NUM> elements, i must block the zoom and permit dragging the chart.


      I don't know if i explained well the problem..


      Thanks guys!