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    Dinamical Movie Clips

      Hello I am trying to creat and application which will have and array containing all the photo files. The program should read that array and create a movie clip for each photo. Of course each clip should contain the photo and we ever the user click on it and action should be done. Here is the code am using but is not working. Dose some one knows where is the bug?

      arreglo =["mar.jpg","hola.jpg"]; //this is the array with the photos names

      for( cont = 0;cont <= arreglo.length; cont++)
      createEmptyMovieClip ( t".peli"+cont , t.getNextHighestDepth () ) ; //Creat EmptyMovieClips as peli1, peli2, peli3, ...
      t["peli"+cont].loadMovie ( arreglo[cont] ) ; // loads the photo held in the array as , peli1, peli2, peli3 ...
      t["peli"+cont]._x=cont*50; // modifies x property so the clips are not over layed
      t["peli"+cont].onPress=function(){ /