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    Lets talk Kiosk Applications...

    zeroskillz Level 3

      Okay, so I've been making a few kiosk applications (as Flash Projectors), and my one major frustration with flash is memory management.


      [Perhaps incorrectly] I've come to the conclusion that despite my best efforts, I can't completely control the memory usage of my apps. The memory usage just continues to go up.


      Unfortunately I need to use third-party stuff that doesn't seem to unload/dispose well--mainly Google Maps (and don't get me started on the Flash IDE components).. So no matter my best efforts at optimizing my own code, I feel that I need a better option or method (by all means, feel free to disagree and offer suggestoins)


      So open for discussion, lets talk kiosks, memory management etc. Applications that run for a looong time. Generally I insist restarting the apps once a day, but wouldn't it be nice if that wasn't necessary...


      Any thoughts on using an AIR app instead? Any thoughts on memory management in general? Any ideas for using a browser running full screen? Or creating a native windows app in another IDE? Thoughts in general? Should I be using Flash Builder/Flex instead? Or Visual Studio?


      Thanks in advance, any and all input/ideas welcome!