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    Webengine Slider Control question - How to use numImages in galleryInfo?


      In writing a webengine for LR 2.6 I want a  slider control that allows  me to select the index for a single image in  the gallery. I though that  I could create the control using code in the  galleryInfo.lrweb file  like this:


      f:slider_row  {


               bindingValue  = "nonCSS.mainImageIndex",


                title = "Main Page Image Index",


               property  =  "nonCSS.mainImageIndex",


               tracking =   "nonCSS.mainImageIndex.tracking",


               tracking_value =   "slider_tracking_now",


               propMax = numImages,


                propMin  = 1,


               width_in_digits = 4,


               precision =  0,




      but   it does not work. It seems that "numImages" is not known here. Why  not?  If I replace "numImages" with a number all is well except that I  cannot  get what I want. Is what I want to do not possible or am I just  missing  something? This has me stumped at the moment.


      Actually the  real question is how to make the environmental variable  "numImages"  visible in galleryInfo.lrweb? There are several "Environment Variables"  listed in  Chapter 4 of the 2.0 SDK including "numImages", "LOC",  "string", "math"  and others. In looking thru the basic HTML engine that  comes with LR I  see LOC, string and math all used in  galleryInfo.lrweb. So I assumed  that "numImages" could be also.  Unfortunately so far I have been unable  to do so and cannot figure out  why.