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    How to page request without .cfm extension

      I have a site where I want Fred to enter the url http://www.mydomain.com/fred in his browser and Joe to enter url http://www.mydomain.com/joe. I want to parse the name after the last slash, then send the user (with cflocation) to home.cfm, which will be customized for this user.

      I was hoping that my "missing template handler" page would be called (since there are no files called fred.cfm or joe.cfm), and then I could get the name from cgi.SCRIPT_NAME, but it looks like the web server rejects this request first. I know I could just add .cfm to the end of the url (e.g. http://www.mydomain.com/fred.cfm), which WOULD send me to my missing template page, but for aesthetic reasons, I don't want to use the extension. (I want the user to be able to put the url on his business card, and the .cfm tacked on the end doesn't look good.)

      Anyone know of a solution? Thanks.