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    Flash CS4 Stability Issues


      I've been having some serious issues working with Flash CS4 that have pretty much ground my project to a halt and I'm not quite sure what to do.


      My machine is a Toshiba laptop, satellite P505D with 2.3GHz processor and 4G of RAM running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit.  I'm running the Student Licensing version of Adobe Creative Suite 4, which means that neither my University or Adobe is much help without shelling out money, and after shelling out 400 bucks on the program to start, I'm not inclined to give them more. 


      It began about a month ago while working in CS4 Flash with random crashes so I got in the habit of saving every few minutes.  'Save and Compress' alleviated things a bit, but not for long.  Then I tried upping the virtual memory, which seemed to help, but not for long.  Now my .FLA file loads extremely slow, usually with a '(Not Responding)' message at the top and a AppHangB1 errorReport, but will eventually start to work.  Usually I can work in flash for a few minutes before it crashes and I generate an error report.


      It seems to happen most often when I'm dragging an imported JPEG from the library onto the stage.  Importing directly to the stage didnt seem to help much at all.


      I'm new to flash, having learned it in the past few months, and this has pretty much ground my productivity to a halt with the project supposed to be done before the students return to school in less than a month.  Is it a matter of adding more RAM?  Am I missing something within flash?  A quick google search yielded a slew of results regarding poor stability of CS4.    I'm not quite sure what to do but could sure use some help.


      Thank you!!