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    Rendering an ES2 form guide as a .swf


      Background Information:  The form guide architecture changed between  LiveCycle ES and LiveCycle ES2.  Form guides in ES2 exist in separate  .guide file, whereas form guides in ES are embedded inside a .xdp form.   We have a process that needs to render ES2 form guides.  The process needs to output the rendered form guide as .swf for loading from within a flex application.


      The Problem:  We need to be able to render the ES2 form guide by loading a .swf from within a flex application.  The problem is that the ES2 form guide rendering service doesn't let you do this.  This guide-rendering service is Guides (system)/Processes/Generate Guide.  It outputs an HTML wrapper that is a webpage that loads the form guide .swf's.


      Does anyone know how to render an ES2 form guide as just a .swf, without the HTML wrapper??