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    Very Slow Scrolling with the Organizer


      Another newbie question: When I am scrolling through my video clips using the organizer, it gets about 1/4 down and then freezes.  It takes awhile to unfreeze and resume scrolling but after a couple of lines of thumbnails it freezes again.  At the bottom of the screen it says "indexing [filename]" with a progress bar that keeps refreshing.  It seems like the computer is struggling to generate the thumbnails but Photoshop Elements didn't take near as long.


      I have only video files selected.


      I have an OC'd i7 875 with a 2 TB HDD for media (this is where the files are).  I have two 40 GB Intel SSD in a RAID 0 for OS and program speed.  I set this raid to be the scratch disks and maybe that is the problem.  I saw in one of the other posts that you shouldn't use the same disks for scratch disks and the OS but I figured that the RAID is more than 5 times faster than the media drive so I should use it for the scratch disk.


      Should I move the video files to my RAID before starting to work on them?  Even it is the same disk as the OS?

      Is there a way to turn off this "indexing"?


      Sorry this post got a little off track but I wonder if these things are related.  I just can't believe it is taking so long to generate thumbnails and scroll down the catalog.