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    Audio missing from saved project


      Hi All...


      New user here, first-time "test movie" combines video with ambient audio, stills and a music track. Based on Mr. Hunt's article, here's the background information:


      Dell Precision T1500 / Windows 7 Professional 64-bit OS, no pen or touch input

      Processor: Inter Core i7CPU 870 @ 2.93 GHz

      Installed memory: 8 GB

      Single hard drive: 930 gb SATA file system, NTFS, compression unchecked / no RAID

      "D" drive is HL-DT-ST- DVD+-RW GH50N DVD burner

      "E" drive is HL-DT-ST BD-RE BH30N CD ROM drive

      No external drives

      Virtual memory: 8151 mb dynamically controlled by windows

      Video Card: NVDIA QUADRO FX 580 / pci BUS 1 / driver no., driver date 7-9-2010

      Audio System: Realtek high definition audio, 2-channel 16-bit 48000Hz / driver version / driver date: 8-18-09

      Using PE 8.0.1, updated July 14

      Project settings: Editing Mode: HD 1080i, timebase 29.97 fps, frame size 1920 x 1080, 16:9 / pixel aspect ratio: square pixels (1.0) / Fields: No Fields (progressive scan) / Display Format 30fps drop-frame timecode / title safe area 20 % / action safe area 10 % audio sample rate: 48000 Hz

      Video clips: MPEG movies, image size 1440 x 1080, pixel depth: 32, frame rate 29.97. Average data rate 630-650 KB/second (there are a couple dozen clips, I didn't check them all...)

      Source audio format: 48,000 Hz Compresses stereo; project audio format 48,000 Hz 32-bit floating point stereo

      Music track: MP3 source audio format: 44,100Hz compressed stereo; project audio format 44,100 Hz 32-bit floating point stereo; average data rate 23KB/sec

      Still images: all JPEGs, some 1280 x 960, some 2048 x 1636, pixel depth 32, pixel aspect ratio 1.0.

      Other app's typically running: IE and/or Firefox, perhaps MS word and/or Publisher, Mozilla's Thunderbird. However, I've "saved" this project with *no other apps* running, and there's still no audio.

      Hope all this suggests a solution...

      Thanks for your help, all...





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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Thanks for all this information, T.


          So why are you editing a 1440x1080 video in a 1920x1080 project? If this is AVCHD footage, it's very important to use the right project settings.


          That has no effect on your audio, of course. But it could affect your video quality when you output your file.


          That say, can you explain what you mean by "Audio missing from save project"?


          Do you mean that you don't hear the audio in Premiere Elements -- or that you don't hear it when you output, say, an MOV or WMV file?


          What file format are you exporting and what are you playing soundless this file on?


          And, finally, is there no audio whatsoever, or is only some audio (music, for instance) missing from your output?

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            nealeh Level 5
            1. Your video and sound drivers are well out of date and should be updated.
              • Nvidia for your graphics is currently v258.96 WHQL, dated Jul 19, 2010.
              • RealTek HD sound is currently vR2.50, dated Jul 9, 2010.
            2. If you haven't already done so update QuickTime (currently v7.6.6 at time of writing) and install all Windows updates.
            3. Those 2048 x 1636 stills should be resized to your project frame size (or a little larger if you are going to do pan and zoom).
            4. Your MP3 audio should be converted to 48,000 Hz, 16-bit before bringing it into PRE.
            5. Operating PRE with only a single hard drive is problematic, but I guess there's not a lot you can do about that.


            Try those recommendations and post back here with the results.


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